Live Projects

June 2017

Live Projects: We are delighted to be a part of number of high profile projects underway this month.  Each project is at varying stages of completion. Here are a selection of projects from around the country for which we are the mechanical installations partner.


Dairygold Mallow, New Reception OfficeDairygold Mallow new reception office

  • Supply, installation & commissioning of :
    • VRV air conditioning systems
    • Heat recovery primary ventilation systems
    • Distribution ductwork, dampers, grilles etc
  • Supply, installation, chlorinate and balance hot & cold water services
    • & associated soils & wastes




Tullamore Dew Bottling Hall Wet & Dry StoresLive Projects Tullamore Dew Bottling Hall

  • HVAC and mechanical services including:
    • Supply of air handling equipment
    • Low pressure and fume cupboard ductwork installation
    • Air Conditoning
    • CHW pipework installation


Hilton Gardens Hotel ExtensionLive Projects HIlton Gardens Hotel

  • Mechanical services including:
    • Extension and replacement of the existing plumbing,
    • Soils & wastes installations
    • Removal of the existing heating installation
    • Installation of a new mechanical smoke ventilation system and dry risers.


 More Live Projects

Danone Nutrition IrelandLive Projects Danone Nutrition

Provision of mechanical and ventilation services associated with the new packing hall and blending tower.

  • Supply of air handling equipment
  • Low pressure ductwork and stainless steel ductwork installations
  • Cylon BMS controls installation
  • Air conditioning and CHW pipework installations
  • Soils & Waste pipework installation
  • Project is being carried out wih the plant in full operation