Services installed:

Supply and Extract Systems

Project Scope:

Chilled Food Manufacturer

Supply and extract systems to provide a heated fresh air ventilation to separate areas. Stainless steel canopies were installed over the discharge outlet of the VAT’s. These canopies were then ducted through a flat roof and connect into on main extract duct. This ducting was fully constructed from 304 grade stainless steel.

The supply air to the VAT rooms is provided by Air Handling Unit’s which were ducted on the roof and enter the rooms through up stands. The ducting is made of galvanised metal which is insulated and covered in aluminium cladding. The AHU’s consist of a filter sections. The units operate on 100 percent fresh air and have controls set up to allow the minimum supply temperature to be set.

The piping of the steam coils was also completed by Airconmech.

Each AHU has a separate steam regulation valve which is worked by a separate controller.