Don’t Regret It- Report It


We all recognise the importance of health & safety, whether in be in offices, workshops or on live construction sites.

Understanding that health & safety is more than a box to be ticked and to really stress the importance of health & safety practices and the role of individuals the AirconMech safety team devised the idea for Behavioural Safety Training Workshops.


These workshops are currently being rolled out to our teams on sites across the country to huge success,


Pat Guckian, Health & Safety Advisor at AirconMech stated, “ it was a fantastic workshop with great engagement involving both young and experienced workers. The attendees participated well in the behavioural conversations such as “why do people take risks?” and “why should we make safety personal?” We can have the best safety management system with all the rules and the procedures but at the end of the day the difference between going home safely to your loved ones and not can often be as a result of a poor behavioural decisions.”

The workshop finished with a personal commitment from all the attendees on what they are going to do differently to improve our safety culture.