As market leader in providing everything in heating and cooling, AirconMech offers multiple choices when it comes to air conditioning units. Our relationship with our suppliers means our company is to the fore of offering our clients the latest in technological advances. Operational efficiency is therefore no longer an issue. Using only reputable and leading brands, our clients are guaranteed a comfortable environment while keeping costs to a minimum.

Our 20 years of experience covers all industries and all scales of projects.

Typically Air Conditioning Installations Include:

  • Split Systems
  • Multi Split Systems
  • VRV & VRF Systems
  • Close Control Units
  • Chillers
  • Rooftop Packages
  • Fan Coil Units
  • Building Management Systems

Split systems are room air conditioner units, or small air handling units, incorporating a direct expansion cooling coil, a filter and a fan to recirculate room air. They can be connected to a remote air, or water-cooled, condensing unit via low-pressure vapour and high-pressure liquid refrigerant lines. The external units are normally roof mounted and contain twin compressors, heat exchangers and air circulation fans. In cooling mode, the external unit heat exchangers function as a refrigerant condenser producing liquid which is circulated to the remote room units. This passes through the coils, absorbs heat, evaporates and the gas is returned to the compressors. When operating in a heating mode the functions are reversed.

A multi-split air conditioning system operates on the same principle as described above but has the added advantage of allowing up to five indoor units to be connected to the one outdoor unit. A multi-split system allows for numerous air-conditioned zones to be facilitated within the building without the need for ductwork installation. This system can facilitate individual control of the indoor environment.Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) systems provide a multi-split air conditioning solution for commercial buildings that offer variable refrigerant flow control. This means the building’s occupants have the capability to maintain individual zone control in their air-conditioned space. The VRV system offers the added benefit of only circulating the minimum amount of refrigerant required at any time, thus enabling individual climate control in the air-conditioned zone.

In air conditioning systems chilled water is typically distributed to the heat exchangers or coils in the air handling unit and then the water is then recirculated back to the chiller to be cooled again. Such cooling units transfer sensible heat and latent heat from the air to the chilled water, thus cooling the air.

Fan coil units are a single housing which consists of coils, condensate tray collection, circulating fan and filter. The fan recirculates the air from the space continuously through the coils either directly or via the void in which the fan is located. Such units can provide heating also, through the addition of a heating coil.