Demountable Ventilated Ceilings are the simple solution to proper ventilation in commercial kitchens and food processing plants. Suitable for any kitchen size, whether a new build or refurbishment, with the GIF demountable ceiling there is no limit to the possible rearrangement of cooking equipment. Air is extracted over a wide area and the emissions from boiling vessels and fryers are efficiently trapped. Luminaries are installed to requirements and are fitted with damp-proofing fittings to IP54 standard.

The cassettes can be removed simply, which allows you to maintain a hygienic kitchen as they can be passed through the dishwasher safely and quickly. The environment is cleaner, healthier and safer as a result of the 100% collection of cooking emissions, while protection is afforded by the ceiling against the surface spread of and penetration by flame.


Ventilated Celings

Supply air is gently introduced, so eliminating draughts and cold spots and creating good ventilation. Each cassette consists of overlapping curved registers facing in alternating upwards and downwards direction. The area of overlap creates a two-stage separation chamber in which cooling and turbulence occur.

Firstly the cassettes are cooler than the rising contaminated air so moisture condenses and is entrapped within the upward facing register.

Secondly, the turbulence which is created as the air passes through the separation chamber causes the heavy particles to impinge on chamber surfaces and settle out.

This process is continued without affecting airflow or separation efficiency unlike a filter that becomes progressively less efficient the more contaminated it becomes.


For those particularly intensive Kitchens, AirconMech has in place a system for concentrated extraction and comprises of heavy-duty cassettes, blank tiles and a fat collection channel within a dropped frame.

Made with grade 304 stainless steel.


Acoustic Supply Air Ceilings are principally installed in rooms where noise levels are excessive leading to fatigue and stress.
The definitive advantages include:

  • Optimum noise reduction
  • Draught-free fresh air supply
  • Simple installation and removal of cassettes
  • Straightforward cleaning of cassettes in all commercial kitchens
  • Optimum hygiene and durability of stainless steel

In a nutshell, the GIF Ventilated Ceiling offers:

  • Attractive physical environment
  • Draught-free ventilation
  • Enhanced Hygiene
  • Efficient Separation
  • Elimination of dripping fat and moisture condensate
  • Improved Safety
  • Simple Maintenance
  • Freedom to plan for operational efficiency
  • Total flexibility for future changes
  • Uncomplicated design parameters
  • Suitability for both new and refurb projects
  • Straightforward installation

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