We are delighted to welcome Aimee Higgins on board the AirconMech team.

Aimee recently started her apprenticeship with us and is currently getting stuck in on a large building site in south Dublin.

We had a chat with Aimee to find out why she chose the apprenticeship and her experience so far!


What made you want to become an apprentice?

“I wanted to become an apprentice because I feel like it’s a great career path for learning new skills and there’s always room to excel also in the future if I was looking to travel abroad I can always bring my qualifications with me”.


What advice would you give other females who are interested in apprenticeships?

“I would tell other girls looking to join an apprenticeship would be that, yes, you are in a minority from the start but that gives you more of a reason to motivate yourself and let the people around you know your just as capable as them.

Also once you get going the hard part is already over and it’s not as bad as you may think it will be”.


How are you finding your apprenticeship so far?

“So far I’m really enjoying myself!

I’m constantly learning everyday and I feel like I just blend in now even if I’m the only girl walking around I’m doing the same tasks as everyone else

I definitely went in with the mind set to prepare myself that I would be treated differently, but, that’s 100% not even the case. I’m getting a chance to try everything and the people I work with are always reassuring. If I’m ever struggling they are there to help and always checking up to see how I’m getting on. I feel like I’m settling in great so far”.


For more information on our apprenticeships please contact Ailbhe, aoneill@airconmech.com