At AirconMech, we are continually introducing the latest technological advances in sustainable energy. From intelligent ventilation cooling systems, heat pump systems, heat recovery systems, solar systems and so on,  we provide a collage of energy efficient products suitable for the specific requirement in any industry. Our experience in the application of a range of low/zero carbon and renewable technologies offers dynamic solutions for even the largest of projects including the Greater Gabbard Off-shore wind farm, the largest wind farm development in the world. Read on for more information.

We are very proud of our significant contribution to the development of the Greater Gabbard Offshore windfarm. AirconMech was contracted to install the cooling system for each of the 140 turbines in the worlds largest development of its kind.

The 500MW Greater Gabbard Offshore Wind Farm is located approximately 23km off the Suffolk coast, adjacent to two sandbanks known as the Inner Gabbard and The Galloper.


The project features 140 Siemens 3.6 MW offshore wind turbines with a maximum installed capacity of 504MW, sufficient to power over 415,000 homes. Working to tight constraints the Project Management team manufactured several prototypes from Consultants drawings within the company factory to ensure a quality finish. All finished products were manufactured in the company plant with assembly works located at the Port of Vlissingen, Netherlands. Direct employees of AirconMech worked on site ensuring that the quality of our workmanship continued from our factory, right through to the completion of the project.