AirconMech has been designing and installing ventilation systems for over 20 years. Our expert personnel make use of our in-house advanced design software. This together with our R&D facility provides AirconMech with the edge in understanding effective air dispersion in all types of buildings. Regularly upgraded we possess the latest in technological advances to produce the highest quality products for our clients. Utilising specialist Computer Aided Design technology we can design based on our client’s needs while ensuring design does not hamper performance. The software used by AirconMech takes your existing building blueprints and builds a detailed 3D version of the services we will be installing. A sample is shown below.


We can provide but are not limited to the following products.

AirconMech Ventilation Systems

Combining our knowledge in manufacturing with our network of suppliers across Europe, we design and offer a range of systems for optimum results no matter what the environment. From simple air supply and extract to high-grade air purification and filtration for clean room situations, we offer a complete package designed around you.