AirconMech’s Corporate Social Responsibility policy is founded on our commitment to invest in the local community in which we operate, the wider Wexford environs and often beyond. We wish specifically to enhance development of the young and not so young people of the area to harness a spirit of team and community.

We have captured the essence of our CSR philsophy in our CSR statement contained within our Health & Safety StatementWellness at Work Programme

AirconMech have embarked on a holistic and strategic approach to employee well-being in the work place encompassing a programme that addresses the physical, emotional and mental health of each employee.

The World Health Organisation say that being healthy “is a state of complete physical, mental and social well- being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”.

As good health is dynamic, the AirconMech Management team recognize the importance of striving towards achieving good health and the resulting benefits to them as employers and to the employee and their families. The company understands that placing the tools at everyone’s disposal empowers individiuals to take responsibility for their own health.

Whilst the programme is in the early stages of implementation, a number of initiatives have been progressed.

AirconMech 5k… a Step in the Right Direction

On the 14th May 2017, AirconMech ran a 5k event to promote positive Wellbeing and Mindfulness in the workplace, the benefits of which employees, their families and friends could all enjoy.

This event was part of our wellness programme promoting the importance of Wellbeing and Mindfulness and specifically with this event, the benefits exercise has on our mental and physical health.

Read more about the AirconMech 5k Event

National Workplace Well-being day, 31st March 2017

We were delighted to encourage employees to participate in the mile at lunchtime event that took place on the 31st March.ĺon Herbal Tonics

In November 2016, AirconMech engaged the services of Dr Aoife Kelly of ĺon Herbal Tonics to work with employees on their nutritional health to help improve overall well-being. Over a year and at the beginning of each season, each employee receives a seasonal herbal tonic to address specific seasonal symptoms such as fatique in winter. The implementation of the programme shone a spotlight on each individuals nutritional health and its link to enhanced wellness.

Over our 21 year history, we have been strong proponents of CSR,  demonstrated by our many sponsorships, donations to charity and engagement with local businesses.

AirconMech is delighted to sponsor the print run of “C is for Cabbage” in aid of Aoibheann’s Pink Tie. the national children’s cancer charity


 C is for Cabbage: Compiled and Edited by Emma Ennis

C is for Cabbage, a collection of 20 short stories from 17 truly terrified authors. Open with care, because the pages are crawling with fairies, lobsters, and strangely hip dinosaurs. There’s magic and enchantment, detective twins and drunken wizards. It’s got ghosts, ghouls, and lovestruck vampires; zombies, secret societies, and strange little men who tinker with toys. Click here to read more about this magical book and learn more about the fantastic work done by Aoibheann’s Pink Tie.

Available to buy on Amazon in print and eBook

A Beautiful Collection.”

~ Eoin Colfer, author of the Artemis Fowl series

“I urge you to buy this book which will enable Aoibheann’s Pink Tie to continue their great work on behalf of children with cancer and their families. The work they do is born out of love and compassion and deserves your attention.”

~ Travis Fimmel, Vikings

Soccer Blitz in aid of Charity 

A great afternoon of sportsmanship and competitive soccer was had by all during the Bard Clearstream Soccer Blitz in aid of Slaney Search and Rescue. The rain did little to dampen spirits or enthusiasm at the Shamrock Rovers Pitch in Enniscorthy on Friday 8th September 2017. Two challenging semi- finals saw Waters Technologies and AirconMech/AMV Systems emerge as victors. However, the victory  celebrations for us were short lived as Liam Murphy, Waters Technologies, scored the winning goal in a tough battle for the Bard Clearstream  trophy. Our thanks to Danone Nutrition Ireland, Waters Technologies and Bard Clearstream for a very enjoyable afternoon of soccer. We are delighted to announce that €1,009 was raised for the nominated charity. Well done everyone!

See our gallery for photos of the days event

Sporting Organisations:

AirconMech has a long standing relationship with and have sponsored various local sporting organisations these include.

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AirconMech continue to support the below named charities through donations and actively encourage all staff to participate in charity fund raising events:

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AirconMech are proud to sponsor various local festivals such as:

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